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Creating an Angelic Altar

Nikki Harper

Written by: Nikki Harper

Nikki Harper is an author and astrologer who has written on spiritual topics in print and across the web for over a decade. Together with her husband, a medium and Reiki Master, Nikki runs North Lincs Spiritualists, a spiritualist centre offering a wide range of mind body spirit workshops/events.

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Creating an Angelic Altar

If you like to work with angels, or if you’re in the process of learning how to connect with the angelic realms, creating an angelic altar can help with your focus, and acts as an invitation for the angels to work with you.

Your angel altar doesn’t need to be a huge or grand affair, but having somewhere special will put you in the right mood for angel work, whether you’re working with angel cards or simply meditating. It’s all about setting the scene, to help raise your spiritual vibrations, and about psychologically readying you to dedicate your time to the angels.

First of all, choose which room would be suitable for your altar. If you’re lucky enough to have a summer house or something similar, this would be absolutely perfect – being as close to nature as possible will always strengthen your angelic bond. Even in winter, or when it’s pouring with rain, being able to sit and meditate outside-but-not-outside will inspire you in ways you never thought possible. If you don’t have anywhere like this, try to choose a quiet and peaceful area of the house. A corner of your bedroom might work well, or even the space under the stairs. You need enough space for a small table, cupboard top or shelf, and space for your chair, but not much more than that.

Having chosen the location for your angel altar, the fun bit starts – choosing items to adorn it, and playing with the layout. There are no rules at all about what you can or cannot have on your altar, so follow your instincts about what feels right for you.

Many people like to lay down a tablecloth or covering of some kind. You can buy altar cloths specifically for this purpose, but any pretty or symbolic piece of material will do just fine – or perhaps some velvet, or even a pretty scarf. If you prefer the natural look, leave the wood of your surface bare.

Since this altar is specifically dedicated to your angelic work, most people choose to have at least one angel figurine on their altar. If you don’t have any, how about a picture or a photograph of an angel? Print one off the internet and put it in a nice frame, or laminate it. Angels, of course, are beings of light, so candles are very popular on angel altars too – but please take care with them and don’t leave them burning unattended. If you have any angel cards, having them readily accessible on the altar is a good idea too. I like to also have a notebook and a pen, for jotting down thoughts which occur straight after an angel meditation. You can choose a nice pen specifically for this purpose if you like – anything which makes your altar feel more “special” or “purposeful” will add to its power.

Some people like to have one item representing each element on their angel altar, although if you have more than one spiritual space in your home, you might prefer to have these elemental items on a different magical or divination type altar rather than on your angelic one. It’s helpful to have something natural on your altar though – perhaps something seasonal. Fallen leaves in the Autumn, bare twigs in the winter, spring flowers in the spring (remember to change the water!) or even a sun symbol in the summer. Listen to what feels right for you. If you like to collect interesting shells, pebbles, feathers or other natural items, these too can find a special home on your angel altar.

If you like to cleanse your space before and after meditation, you might like to have a small bell, drum or smudge stick on the altar too. Finally, most people choose to have at least one crystal on an angel altar. If you already have a favourite crystal, use that one. If you’re buying a new crystal specifically for this purpose, good choices are rose quart, amethyst, selenite, sodalite or celestite, although any crystal which feels right is right – remember, nothing beats your own intuition. With a new crystal, leave it to cleanse in the moonlight outside or on a windowsill. It’s helpful to then sleep with it under your pillow for a few nights, or carry it around with you, so that your vibrations harmonise together. Hold this crystal each time you meditate and you’ll find it becoming more and more powerful.

Have fun creating your altar – by making it a beautiful, restful, inspirational part of your home, you’ll feel ever more inspired in your angelic communication.

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