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Full Moon in Taurus: What Have You Grown?

Nikki Harper

Written by: Nikki Harper

Nikki Harper is an author and astrologer who has written on spiritual topics in print and across the web for over a decade. Together with her husband, a medium and Reiki Master, Nikki runs North Lincs Spiritualists, a spiritualist centre offering a wide range of mind body spirit workshops/events.

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Full Moon in Taurus: What Have You Grown?

This month’s Full Moon falls in Taurus, in the early hours of Sunday 17th November. Astrologically speaking, a Full Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Sometimes this is a blessed relief; at other times, we have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new chapter of life and we spend time mourning for what has passed. The effect depends upon where in your natal chart the Full Moon occurs.

Taurus energies are all about roots, growth and solid, steady progress. This Full Moon challenges our ideas about comfort and security, and urges each of us to tell the difference between what we’re growing (where we’re making progress) and where we’re just stuck in the mud, clinging to outdated or outworn ideas, ideals, people or situations. At this time, we need to make sure we water the green shoots, but pull up the weeds. It’s time to move on from that which is holding us back.

Aries – This Full Moon questions your values. What really, really matters to you in life? Money, success, being first, being in charge? Or something deeper and more spiritual? You’ve spent a long time recently watering the wrong shoots. It’s time to pay attention to what truly matters in life. Sort out your priorities.

Taurus – A Full Moon in your own sign is usually about personal growth. What have you learned about yourself over the last month or so? What useful lessons can you take forwards into the next cycle of life? It’s time to assert your independence and not be so reliant on others – because you can cope much better than you think you can.

Gemini – This is a tricky Full Moon for you, occurring in the most secretive and sensitive part of your chart. You’re being challenged here to find some quiet time, some privacy and some time away from the constant chatter of your own mind. Meditate. Learn to “just be”. The lesson for you at this time is that solitude is not a bad thing, and that there’s no such thing as wasted time.

Cancer – Something or someone in your social life is holding you back, and this Full Moon challenges you to cut those ties. This is never easy, but you’ll find that someone or something new and positive steps forwards to fill the gap. Stop making excuses or finding reasons to stay stuck in this situation. It’s time to move on.

Leo – This Full Moon throws the spotlight onto the career sector of your chart, where it should be easy enough for you to assess your current direction. Analyse where you’re heading, and where you want to avoid ending up – then it’s simply a matter of making the right choices. New beginnings are afoot, if you can let go of the past.

Virgo – You’re being given a new opportunity under this Full Moon, particularly when it comes to study or travel. Revisit something you have long wanted to do, but were prevented from doing. It’s within your power now to move past this obstacle, so sign up for that study course or book those tickets. Breeze past whatever was telling you no.

Libra – There’s an element of psychological rebirth around this Full Moon for you; it’s a very thoughtful period and you’ll be thinking about your spiritual progress as well as your material progress. Deep questions are still unanswered, but this influence will get you one step closer to a revelation of some kind, if you have the courage to investigate.

Scorpio – This Full Moon occurs in the relationship sector of your chart, and encourages you to weed out the petty niggles from your love life. No, not your partner! This is about improving the health of an existing relationship, not ditching it altogether. Talk things through openly and honestly, and resolve to move past any difficulties together.

Sagittarius – It’s your chaotic daily routine (or rather, lack of a routine!) which has been holding you back recently. You’ve simply been too busy, too disorganised or too unmotivated, bu under this Full Moon you’re being given the opportunity to re-think the way you get things done. Turn over a new leaf – make lists, buy a diary or day book, create some resolutions.

Capricorn – You’ve been holding back on a creative project for far too long, probably due to a perfectionist desire to do it perfectly or not at all. Under this Full Moon, you’re being challenged to just do it. Go for it. Take a risk. See what happens. It’s time to stop procrastinating and to accept that getting started is what matters.

Aquarius – Your home is the focus of this Full Moon’s influences, making it the perfect time to *finally* finish a DIY or decorating project. If you’ve been considering a major move or remodelling, though, which has so far failed to materialise, it might be time to see if you can shelve that plan and approach your goals from a new angle. There’s more than one way to get where you want to be.

Pisces – This Full Moon is challenging your lack of confidence and your desire to hide away. You haven’t had the most assertive of months, but it’s important that you start to communicate more now. Build on your relationships with new friends or with neighbours, and use that confidence in turn to build bridges towards a wider social life.

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