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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

Nikki Harper

Written by: Nikki Harper

Nikki Harper is an author and astrologer who has written on spiritual topics in print and across the web for over a decade. Together with her husband, a medium and Reiki Master, Nikki runs North Lincs Spiritualists, a spiritualist centre offering a wide range of mind body spirit workshops/events.

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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

On Thursday 21st November, the Sun returns to Sagittarius after its eleven month journey through the rest of the zodiac. For sun sign Sagittarians, this is like a little mini New Year, but for the rest of the zodiac signs, the effect depends upon which astrological house the Sun will then begin transiting. For each sign, the affairs of that house will take on a new vitality and significance for around a month, before the Sun moves on again.

Aries: Sun Transiting 9th House

The coming month is an excellent time for anyone with an Aries Sun to broaden their mind. Take up new study opportunities, and grab any chance to travel with both hands. Wherever you go and whatever you’re doing, try to find the life lesson within it, even in unpleasant experiences. You’re very concerned with humanitarian themes at this time, so it’s a good month to give to charity – but in keeping with Sagittarius’ unmaterialistic vibe, try to give your time or your expertise rather than your money. In doing so, you’ll gain a lot of wisdom.

Taurus: Sun Transiting 8th House

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius brings a subtle shift in the psychology of those with a Taurus Sun. Over the coming month, strong emotions may surface and you’ll be doing some considerable soul searching and analysis of your own motives. If there are power struggles going on, the main theme is likely to be freedom, so bear that in mind when you’re being possessive or jealous. All it might take to smooth over the cracks is for you to shift to a more open-minded stance.

Gemini: Sun Transiting 7th House

Over the next few weeks, those with a Gemini Sun will find the spotlight falling increasingly onto partnerships, relationships and their love life. The Sagittarian Sun brings warmth and optimism, plus a need for adventure, so it’s the perfect month to spice up your sex life or to dream about taking a trip around the world together. Concentrate on what you can each offer each other, rather than on what you personally want from the relationship. It’s all about give and take.

Cancer: Sun Transiting 6th House

If you have a Cancer Sun, the next few weeks will challenge your daily routines, encouraging you to be more spontaneous and less rigid in your approach to everyday life. Don’t be afraid to make some impulsive decisions, or take a calculated risk or three – what’s the worst that can happen? Your health will benefit if you spend as much time as possible outdoors – yes, even given the Great British Weather; anything you can do to loosen the ties which bind you is encouraged by this Sagittarius Sun.

Leo: Sun Transiting 5th House

During the coming month, those with a Leo Sun will enjoy the warmth and vitality of this Sagittaran vibe. Your creativity will be fired up and you’ll find yourself seeking more fun in life too. The urge to abandon responsibilities is strong, and there’s something a reckless taste to the coming weeks too. Take a chance on the lottery, and take a chance on meeting new people too. This is a great time of year to stir up your social life, as you never know what kinds of interesting encounters you might have!

Virgo: Sun Transiting 4th House

If you were born with the Sun in Virgo, the next few weeks look likely to be very family focused. The Sagittarian Sun brings good humour to your family life, and a bright and breezy no nonsense approach which is perfect for handling awkward teenagers and awkward in-laws alike. You’re all about fairness just now, so make sure that you’re not taking on too much over the Christmas period. Get your partner your kids involved in the preparations too, so that you don’t end up feeling hard done by.

Libra: Sun Transiting 3rd House

There’s a mixed bag ahead this month for those with a Libra Sun. You’ll be feeling restless and a little unsettled, but you won’t have much time to dwell on that as life takes a busy turn, with lots of social activity, chores, errands and all round work. There’s a lightness of touch around all of this though, and you’ll feel optimistic about the future. If you’ve been struggling to get your point across to a loved one on an important issues, the forthright Sagittarian Sun will help.

Scorpio: Sun Transiting 2nd House

For those with a Scorpio Sun, the coming month is a very open minded and tolerant one. Your values are being given a makeover under this influence, and you’ll examine and move on from outdated prejudices or inhibitions. At home, you may feel a sudden urge to move, but don’t do anything reckless with your property. This is a time for solidifying what you own and what makes you feel secure, so try to bypass the restlessness of the Sagittarian vibe by seeking new ways to be happy where you are.

Sagittarius: Sun Transiting 1st House

If you were born with the Sun in Sagittarius, this time of year is perfect for new beginnings. You’ll spend time over the coming weeks looking back at how far you’ve come this year, and looking ahead to the next twelve months with enthusiasm and joy. It’s the perfect time for assessing your personal image too, or for having a makeover. Look in the mirror and learn to love what you see. Your willpower is strong, so if you need to make positive changes to you life, this is the best time of year to do so.

Capricorn: Sun Transiting 12th House

The next month is a refreshing and spiritually invigorating time for those with a Capricorn Sun. The energy and directness of Sagittarius breezes through your subconscious, bringing hidden patterns to light and freeing you from feelings of guilt or failure. It’s a very liberating feeling and psychologically quite powerful. Spend time in meditation, or seek answers from the church or religion of your choice. Even if you’re an atheist, you’ll be moved to explore some of the more mystical elements of life now.

Aquarius: Sun Transiting 11th House

Over the next few weeks, those with an Aquarius Sun will find the spotlight firmly on group activities, particularly groups where you can indulge your idealism or humanitarian instincts. Your social life needs to have meaning at this time, and you won’t tolerate empty small talk. With the energy of the Sagittarian Sun behind you, you can use this time to push ahead towards cherished objectives, especially ones which benefit the greater good rather than selfish interests.

Pisces: Sun Transiting 10th House

Christmas or no Christmas, the coming month finds those with a Pisces Sun focusing firmly on their careers and status in the world. This is the perfect time to ask for – and expect to be given – a raise or a promotion, as your confidence in your abilities is rightly strong. Restlessness in your career could be an issue, but if you can harness all that energy to create some long term goals, it will help you put up with any current work niggles – you’ll see your way clear to a brighter future, and will tolerate the present better.

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