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Tarot Reading For Children

Sue Willard

Written by: Sue Willard

Sue has been reading professionally since 1985, since then she has consulted thousands of national and international clients from all walks of life. This website is my passion, I hope it's a place where you can visit to find the answers you are looking for.

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Tarot Reading For Children

Tarot cards taps into your energies and gives you responses based on those energies. The deck can be used to show messages for your lovers, friends, relatives and even pets. It can even be used to give an analysis about young children. In the case of children, there is so much room for them to have other impressions to be made on them and this is mainly because they are still so young and have so much more time to grow up. For this reason, a psychic does not need to use the entire deck to tap into their energies and to see their fate.

If one has to perform a tarot reading for children it should originate from a deck that is shuffled and one that only has a few cards. The cards that should be drawn for a child’s reading should be from the cards zero through to 9 (The Fool through to The Hermit). One should also include all 16 court cards and those include 4 each of the Kings, Queens, Pages and Knights.

The Major Arcana Cards which are usually represented by a single digit reveal archetypes that talk about ones how we are programmed in our early stages. As a child develops, all that can possibly be said about the world of a child can be found within the said 26 cards. The 1st card of the Major Arcana that has two digits is 10 Wheel Of Fortune. This is the card that represents transition. Since every growing child is on the way to becoming an adult, there is therefore no need to use this card or any of the cards that come after it.

The Devil and Death cards are the ones that have illustrations in the Major Arcana. Put simply, do not consult with the bodies that are rising from the graves and anything else that is that morbid. There are some areas of the Tarot that can scare and shake a young child.

Any reading that is being made for a young child needs to follow a very simple structure. Instead of spreading out the Tree of Life to do a reading, you can use three cards to do a very simple reading. Set the first card down to represent what is happening in the present and set another card on the left to show The Root of the matter. A third card can be placed on the right to signify the possibilities that lie ahead.

Tarot readers who have advanced experience will immediately spot this method as being similar to that of doing a three card reading. That is one that seeks to show the past, present and future readings. The idea it has to be said is the same. The slight difference is that there is a lesser emphasis on what happened in the past and lesser prediction on what can come in the future. Such readings are geared towards helping a child to understand and explain the world they are in.

These are some of the interpretations that can be used to do a reading for a child. These interpretations are meant to tap into the world of a child. They allow a child to embrace what could be possible and to reach into the energies being exhibited by Tarot cards that are being drawn. Such a reading should be done only for a few number of months. A child should only get one reading for every month. Performing more than one reading every month will water down the impact of the Tarot on the child. What is the meaning of every card and how does it affect the child and in what context. The 1st card in the deck is the Fool also called the joker. This card signifies a sense of recess, freedom and a time to play and not have something to do.

Other cards in the deck that have single digits are:

The Magician – signifies pleasing all people and attending to all chores and responsibilities. The Emperor – signifies kids that have advanced in age and have an improved sense of experience and status. The High Priestess – signifies a child that has more experiences than his or her peers. The Empress – signifies a child who wants to be furnished with new toys and clothes. The Chariot – signifies playfulness and a heightened sense of competition and excelling at what they pick up. The Lovers – signifies a favorite entity in a movie or a book. The Hierophant – signifies school or other institution from the external circle of the child. The Strength – signifies taking up new skills and and finding new ways to use their talents. The Hermit – signifies the ability to keep themselves entertained and enjoying time alone. The Court Cards

Pages – Every time a page shows up when you are doing a reading for a child, it signifies that that child is getting the reading while in their most natural and native state. Such a suit adds a new angle to the personality of the child. When a wand pops up, it signifies a creative dimension of a child. Cups signify emotions. Swords signify expressing themselves verbally while Pentacles signify coming together with the materialistic sphere.

Knights – Every time this cards show up during a child’s reading they stand for change. Adults may not take the message of change seriously but change is huge for young one’s. If this card appears you need to take that chance to speak to the child about change in a positive light while still making the child feel safe. You can get more information on the page section to show you how to apply each individual suit.

Kings and Queens – These are the cards that signify the parents of the child. They signify the primary influences that stand over the life of the child, more so when more Kings and Queens appear and the center and at the front. This suit just as seen in the explanation of the page section stands for a direct influence on the child. If you are a parent and this card shows up, you need to remain neutral. Whatever you think is your reality is just that, your reality. Always remain neutral and unbiased when this card appears. The Tarot Card reveals the reality of the child and not yours. Your role there is to positively shape their future.

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