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Tarot Rituals for Self-Protection

Sue Willard

Written by: Sue Willard

Sue has been reading professionally since 1985, since then she has consulted thousands of national and international clients from all walks of life. This website is my passion, I hope it's a place where you can visit to find the answers you are looking for.

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Tarot Rituals for Self-Protection

If you would like to see what your future holds, and understand how your present is grounded in the past, a tarot reading can provide you with the answers you are looking for. The energy of a Tarot card reading can often have a beneficial effect. There are a number of different Tarot card rituals which are designed for to help protect you in your daily life. Here are different Tarot rituals you can utilize, enabling you to develop personal growth.

Using The Calendar Spread

If you need to prepare for work or school-related issues in your life, use The Calender, which is a Tarot ritual which can protect you from jealous colleagues and rivals who would stab you in the back for their own personal or financial gain. The ritual will alert you to any upcoming unexpected events. Carry out a Tarot card reading at the beginning of the week. Start by shuffling the deck of Tarot cards and dealing five cards, laying them face-down on a flat surface, preferably a table. Each one of the five cards is an indicator of what to expect in the coming week. The first card will represent the forthcoming events on Monday, and can be interpreted to give you adequate warning of an unexpected occurrence. Pick up the card and read what it means. The Calender ritual is ideal for preparing you for any possible confrontations with your boss, or an argument with a teacher, co-worker or friend throughout the week. The cards can also tell us positive events that may occur during the week, such as if a romance is likely to happen, enabling you to take advantage of any flirting that occurs with a co-worker or friend.

The Daily Pull

For this Tarot ritual, shuffle the pack of cards and choose one card and lay it down on a flat surface early in the day. You will need to meditate on the card, carry it with you at work or school, continuously study it, research its meaning online, and fully understand its energy in order to best utilize what the card is trying to tell you. There are no bad cards in The Daily Pull ritual, and several different cards will protect you from aspects that day. When you draw a card, you may notice that it will refer to a particular event in your life, and as you go through the day, you will realize how the card has supported you in a number of different situations. Place the card back into the deck at the end of the day, and reshuffle the pack. Leave the same pack of cards out until the morning and continue this method every day. You will need to develop a method that best suits you when picking out a particular card. The method isn’t important, but the ritual must be practiced on a daily basis.

Some people prefer to shuffle the pack and then pick out the top card when they are having breakfast. Other people split the pack and then take the middle card. What you do is up to you, but remain consistent when you pick the card every day. This type of ritual is all about repeating the same behavior to ensure stability and consistency in your daily life.

If you perform The Daily Pull ritual on a daily basis, you will develop a long-lasting relationship with the Tarot cards, and you can utilize this great tool for solving problems in your life in a number of different areas, both good and bad. Each card has a particular meaning and as you become more confident in the ritual, you will soon learn how to make use of these warning signs.

Your Best Friend

The Best Friend ritual can be performed in two different ways. Practicing both, or either of these rituals for a prolonged amount of time will ensure that the cards work for you in the correct way. It may take several weeks to get accustomed to the cards, and once you do it is advisable to create a piece of jewelry or item of clothing that is based on a certain Tarot card symbol and wear it frequently. This can help you achieve a higher state of Tarot card consciousness, allowing you to incorporate the meanings of the cards into our life and using the energy as a way of self-protection.


Different types of Tarot cards serve different functions, and you will soon learn to differentiate between the meanings behind the cards. The Suit of Cups will protect you from being used and abused emotionally, whilst Sword cards can offer a level of protection from people who are judgmental and are likely to verbally attack you. In comparison, pentacles are a type of card which can give you protection in financial matters. The Suit of Wands are cards which help you to develop a creative flair and can protect you when the world is critical of you and demands you conform like everyone else.

If you choose a card with masculine features, such as a King of the Court, an Emperor, or Hierophant, these can help to protect you from men who are dominant. The Empress, High Priestess, and Queen are feminine cards which can help protect you against women who may have a hidden agenda and are looking to influence your life in a negative way.

If you encounter a “scary” Tarot card, such as the Devil, Death, Tower, or Eight, Nine, or Ten of Swords, you may be alarmed. However, all these cards can in fact teach you a valuable life lesson. The Death card for instance will prompt you to cope with a change in your life, and by doing so you will be able to protect aspects of your life that are constant. The Devil card can symbolize power, whilst the Tower card indicates a shocking change will occur, but one that will allow you to eventually land on your feet. The Sword cards can be a sign not to give up, have regrets, or compromise yourself in any way. Once you understand the cards, you will be able to use them to your advantage.

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