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The 12 Days of Yule Tarot Spread

Nikki Harper

Written by: Nikki Harper

Nikki Harper is an author and astrologer who has written on spiritual topics in print and across the web for over a decade. Together with her husband, a medium and Reiki Master, Nikki runs North Lincs Spiritualists, a spiritualist centre offering a wide range of mind body spirit workshops/events.

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The 12 Days of Yule Tarot Spread

The twelve days which fall between the midwinter solstice and the new year are deeply spiritual and reflective by nature; this is the perfect time to create a very special predictive tarot spread in the shape of a wheel.

Each day, draw just one card from your deck, and place it in the corresponding clock position – so the first card will go at one o’clock, the second at two o’clock and so on. Leave each card in place as you draw it, so that on New Year’s Day you have the complete wheel laid out for you to reflect upon.

Card #1 – Yule (21st December) – Darkness – This card represents a major challenge, problem or issue which you have worked hard to overcome during 2013.

Card #2 – 22nd December – Hopes – Card #2 moves forward from this challenge, and points towards your hopes for the future.

Card #3 – 23rd December – The Unexpected – This card represents something which will surprise you during 2014, or unexpected and unplanned for events which will have a big impact upon you.

Card #4 – Christmas Eve – Spirit – This Christmas Eve card represents way in which spirit are making or will make themselves known to you; your mediumistic abilities, and spiritual talents you should work on developing next year.

Card #5 – Christmas Day – Birth – The card you draw on Christmas Day represents what is being born in you at this time; the seeds of new ideas, new images, new projects, new plans, especially creatively. Things which you will work on and nurture over the coming year.

Card #6 – Boxing Day – Gifts – The Boxing Day card represents gifts you have to offer the world; this card shows where you can make a difference to others, and how your life next year can make a positive impact on the world.

Card #7 – 27th December – Balance – This card highlights an area of your life which will need care and attention next year, and where you should work hard to correct any imbalances.

Card #8 – 28th December – Passion – Card #8 talks of your passions in life; including but not limited to your love life. Whatever brings you joy or will bring you joy during 2014 is shown here.

Card #9 – 29th December – Opportunities – This card highlights opportunities coming your way next year, particularly with regard to your career or creativity.

Card #10 – 30th December – Memories This card is all about lessons you have learned this year; things you have experienced which will stand you in good stead next time you come across a particular challenge.

Card #11 – New Year’s Eve – Blessings – As 2013 draws to a close, this card is a timely reminder of all that is brightest and best in your life, from your kids to your partner to you health and your love life. The things represented by this card are those that you cling to in times of trouble.

Card #12 – New Year’s Day – New Beginnings – On the first day of 2014, you will draw the final card to complete your wheel, and this one indicates a new beginning which will come to you during 2014, and shows where you should focus your efforts during this new year.

It’s quite common, in my experience, for the cards in this layout to seem a little disjointed when you start – but the beauty of drawing one card a day is that the spread has time to sit in your consciousness; by the time you get to New Year’s Day, you should be able to see themes and patterns emerging, which will help you to weave together the story of both your past and your coming year.

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