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True Friendships and Spiritual Alliances

Sue Willard

Written by: Sue Willard

Sue has been reading professionally since 1985, since then she has consulted thousands of national and international clients from all walks of life. This website is my passion, I hope it's a place where you can visit to find the answers you are looking for.

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True Friendships and Spiritual Alliances

Every person out there places immense value on friendships they consider to be true. Friends that stand beside us during the good times and the bad ones. Friends that enjoy our company and want to be around us, friends that we can tell our innermost feelings and those that we can trust. The reality is that such friends are few and far between. They are hard to find and that is not in question. If you are a person who can truly say has found their true friend and confidante, no doubt your life has been made more meaningful and much of that comes from the interaction and companionship you share with your true friend. Call them a soul sister/brother, this is the single one person who will always be there for you at all times.

What two makes two totally unique individuals to become true and lifelong friends cannot really be pointed out. Granted, you take the same stance on many different issues, you have fun doing the same things, you share with each other’s joys and sorrows and you cannot picture your life without that person. There is an invisible phenomenon about your friendship that cannot be explained by words. It’s more of a soul connection. This bond is what is responsible for bringing both your hearts together to form that close friendship.

As you go through the stages of life, the people who enter into your life are there because you have a soul connection with them. Simply put, they are kindred friends who share with you a part of your soul. You and them have a common purpose which is to share in each other’s consciousness and add something beneficial into the world. The kinship is brought about by common shared experiences and you getting more and more in tune with each other hopefully through the bond of love. As family (kin) your connection from being familiar stems from the fact that you are only being brought together after a time of separation.

Kindred friends do not just suddenly come into your life. They come in at a planned time and it’s usually an important time in your life. Some may become the centre pillar but only for a short while just until they accomplish their intention to positively influence your life. They are there to turn your life towards a higher calling or help you to learn a necessary and invaluable lesson. Some may even just be there to introduce you to the love of your life. The way they touch your heart feels like they were meant to be. They show you a new path and a new door leading you to new experiences and urging you forward to be the real you.

Kindred friends can accurately be compared to mirrors. They give you an opportunity to view parts of your body that are hidden. There are things about them that may be totally mismatched from your personality. In fact it may seem that the two of you are total opposites. How it works, you wish that you could have come of the qualities or virtues that they themselves have. This is how they are able to draw you in to take up another new approach of doing and looking at things. A good example is if your friend is energetic, full of flamboyance, talkative and vivacious and yet you consider yourself a silent person who wants to remain invisible unless you are approached. Much as you are that way you are constantly admiring how she always seems to get what she wants and how noticeable she is to other people. In this kind of situation, your friend then turns into a teacher. They do this by assisting you to get a bit of her energy injected into your personality. She is there to heal you and to help pull you out of your cocoon. She is there to show you that you can have a life like hers too. That you too can come out and get noticed! The two of you share a mutual friendship so to speak. How? Your friend also learns how to impart positivity and change into someone’s life and she also gets to know a bit more about herself through seeing herself from your eyes. She also gets appreciation for being a faithful companion through life’s journey.

A French author of Bohemian origin, one Anias Nin said ‘Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born’. There are kindred friends who will open up a never seen before world to us. They are there to form a deep spiritual connection and to bring out a deeper meaning than just an emotional bond. The both of you are part of the puzzle that is destiny.

Friends exist to show us why bonds of love between two people are important. Friends are there to take us through the ups and downs of being in a friendship and they are there to show us how people should grow closer as opposed to drifting apart. They also exist to cancel out patterns that may have been formed in former lives and those which are often repeated in the now life. That way we are able to learn new lessons that we were destined to learn. Our souls yearn only for love and this is what conquers judgement, anger, betrayal or detachment. Whichever life you choose know that it was perfectly crafted. It is only through the lasting bonds of love that we give our hearts the great opportunity to experience love and its power.

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