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The Elements of Western Astrology

The ElementsAstrologers and non-astrologers alike get confused by the concept of astrological signs having a correlation with specific astronomical constellations. In a nutshell, our Zodiac together with the signs are a 360 degree scale. This circular measure is divided into twelve sections each having unique traits dependent on the qualities that go hand in hand with the elements.

Traditionally, the universe was seen to be made up of four elements, namely earth, air, fire and water. Relating this to human character, these elements are symbolic of specific characteristics and give a specific character. This is dependent on the elements in the horoscope and is bound to vary. Emphasis in a sign is made up of any placement of planets or personal points. (Refer to The House System)

These four elements can be perceived to be the four fundamental life principles. They are applicable in all manner of situations through the principle of similarity and analogy. Thanks to C. G Jung, a modern interpretation of these categories is possible by establishment of a system of types, whereby there is correspondence between the fundamental functions of the mind and the elements. Either the emphasis or lack thereof of the elements in the person’s horoscope gives information about his or her personality.

To calculate which element you were born under, enter your birth date in to the tool below.

The Earth Element

The Earth ElementPragmatism, caution and practicability in handling life’s issues is synonymous with people who are of the Earth element. Many at times, feel the need to achieve material success in reality such as a house, car or a successful career. These people connect to the earth through pottery, gardening and so on. Earth people will plan their success over a long range of time and fulfil these plans with the necessary determination. On the other hand, they can also be fearful, greedy and melancholic.
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The Air Element

The Air ElementCommunication is second nature to those who are born under the Air element. These people do well at conceptualizing tasks. They are generally extroverts and fancy exposure to a variety of ideas. They value knowledge and soak it up like cloth to water. Unfortunately for people born under the Air element, they can easily get lost in their own ideas and lose contact with the real world. The Third, Seventh and Eleventh Houses are governed by the element of Air. This element is also associated with the signs Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.
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The Fire Element

The Fire ElementPople born under the Fire element are social, full of inspiration and can be extremely blasé. With the right mind-set, Fire people exhibit great creativity, high moral standards and as earlier stated, can be a great source of inspiration. When Fire-born people are shown in a negative light, they may become self-centred, care-free and may generally lack self-control. Because of this they may lack motivation and display a complete absence of using their initiative.
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The Water Element

The Water ElementPeople born under the Water element can be extremely emotional, despite the fact that he or she may not exhibit the said emotions openly. Their resourcefulness is commendable and so is their ability to handle confinement. On the plus side, they care about others and are artistic. On the negative side, they often make mountains out of molehills especially when emotions are concerned and they tend to live in a world of their own. Because of this it is hard for a Water-born person to have a full comprehension of the emotional aspects of life. It also males it difficult for the person to have sympathy or empathy towards others.
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