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Element: Air


Air Characteristics:

Regent Planet:Mercury
Houses Ruled:Third, Seventh, Eleventh
Associated Sun Signs:Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Keywords:Intellect, versatility, idealistic

The Third, Seventh and Eleventh Houses are governed by the element of Air. This element is also associated with the signs Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. People influenced by this element are lucky to be surrounded by refined air for it is the element that marks intellectual beings. The reasoning ability of Air people is commendable especially with regards to abstract concepts. They are also known to be smart thinkers. People graced with this element are good at questioning, analysis and synthesis of facts and events. Next time you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, look for an Air-signed person and watch them do what they does best.

Communication is also important to Air people. They seek to inform others and rarely will their information be fluff. They have a great level of alertness, curiosity and perceptiveness. An Air person’s world is fascinating as is evident from his or her analysis and explanation (which we hope will be easily understandable to us). Air signs are sharp and inventive. They evaluate the two sides of the coin and come up with the most agreeable solution. These people value having a sense of balance in their lives.

You may wonder whether Air signs would rather be the howling wind or the summer breeze. The most probable answer is both. It all depends on when you get to interact with them. In as much as Air signs are calm and composed, they will not hesitate to give you a cold shoulder if you upset the balance. It is definitely unwise to try and bait them.

Air people are also known for being incredibly humane. They are amongst the few who can truly empathize with others. They put themselves in other peoples circumstances and feel their pain. Their objectivity is commendable and so is their cooperative nature. They are always on a mission to improve the state of affairs in the world. Air signs do not exhibit prejudice at any one time. They exhibit glowing optimism that can take them far in life’s journey.

Air-signed people are intelligent, sharp, just and exhibit great communication skills. However, they can be wishy-washy at times, so watch out for cold episodes in your relations with them.

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