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Element: Earth

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Earth Characteristics:

Regent Planet:Saturn
Houses Ruled:Second, Sixth, Tenth
Associated Sun Signs:Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Keywords:Practical, concentrated force, sensations

As the ruler of the Second, Sixth as well as Seventh House, this element is associated with the Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn Zodiac signs. Analogies such as “feet firmly planted on the ground” and “salt of the earth” are all relevant to this element. Earth people are known for their dependability, practicability and steadfast nature. They are not born to take risks and tend to have a degree of certainty in what they do.

Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn (The Earth Signs) are considered builders of the Zodiac just like the elements are considered builders in nature. For Earth signs, the love of creation is a given. From building careers, homes and comfortable rooms, Earth signs have a thing for the built environment. They thrive on solid thing around them. An Earth person will be at his or her best after accumulation of a wide variety of earthly belongings. This exposes people influenced by the Earth element to great likelihood of being greedy and overly materialistic.

Earthy people also tend to be dutiful, reliable and responsible to the people in their lives. They are the type of people you can bank your hopes on whenever you need their assistance. They are also known for their conservative and cautious nature with regards to their desires and general way of life. Apart from this, Earth people exhibit a great degree of sensuality. No other element will show appreciation for fine wine and good food better than someone born under the Earth element.

The degree of logic in an Earth person’s mind always attracts appreciation. They also tend to have a great ability to recover. Sadly though, they can easily get lost in pursuing their objectives to the extent that they forget about other people’s feelings. Those influenced by the Earth element may focus more on the end result as opposed to the process involved in getting to this result.

A typical Earth-signed person is practical, reserved and reliable while at the same time materialistic. They are pragmatic and realistic and won’t let their imagination run away with them, but will always have their eyes on the prize.

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