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Element: Fire

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Fire Characteristics:

Regent Planet:Mars
Houses Ruled:First, Fifth, Ninth
Associated Sun Signs:Leo, Aries, Sagittarius
Keywords:Love, romance, intuition

The Fire element is the ruler of the First, Fifth and Ninth Houses. This element is also attached to the signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. As the name suggests, people influenced by this element are fiery by nature. Their enthusiasm toward life cannot go unnoticed and they are known for their loud personalities. However, these people can easily lose control in similar fashion to a fire left untended. Fire signs would do themselves a lot of good by controlling the raging fire inside of them.

Fire people exude creativity, with this element manifesting itself with a great level of uniqueness. Those graced with this element are quite lively and will never run short of courage. Self-reliance, spontaneity and an unmatched enthusiasm for life are all qualities to be found in a fire person.

Fire signs are also known for their prowess when it comes to love. They are without doubt the sexiest of them all in the Zodiac, and are always on the quest to improve their love skills. One positive aspect about Fire-signed people is their ability to inspire. They can be a great source of inspiration to others especially with regards to their strong moral and religious principles.

If at all there is a down side to being graced by the element of Fire, it is probably that the affected individuals will more often than not stop at nothing to get what they want. They may come off as bossy and forceful. The Fire element can be seen to manifest negatively when through selfishness and a larger-than life ego of the individual.

Fire-born people have self-assurance, creativity and great levels of strength. They are also generally fun to be around. It is a good idea however, to take a step back when the fire inside of them gets out of control, otherwise you may end up getting burnt.

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