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Element: Water


Water Characteristics:

Regent Planet:Neptune
Houses Ruled:Fourth, Seventh, Twelfth
Associated Sun Signs:Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Keywords:Emotion, empathy, receptiveness, deep feelings

The Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth Houses are under the rule of the element of Water. The signs Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are also linked to this element. Water related descriptions such as flowing, fluid and wavering would best describe people graced by this element. The said descriptions can easily relate to the person’s emotions, which is the Water element’s strongest sphere of influence.

Water people take their intuition seriously and are known for their sensitivity. Their emotional side is more intense than that of any other element. Feelings are of great importance to water people. Their actions are informed by what is sensible as opposed to what is logical or intellectual. Water people are also compassionate and understanding as a result of their high receptive talents. They can analyse other people’s feelings and come up with solutions that are considerate to all.

Water people are fond of expressing their perception of the world through various forms of art. They value aesthetics and they hope to please everyone with the said aesthetic beauty. Water signs are at their worst when they are inactive. They derive fulfilment from being helpful to others. They are able to help others with great charm, consideration and even romance.

The unpleasant side of water signs is their tendency to brood. They are known for their unstable mood swings. In extreme circumstances, they may be over-bearing, self-indulgent and may get lost in their own parallel universe. This gives water people the ability to have a clearer perception of things as compared to the other elements. This ability boarders on the psychic.

Water signs are full of emotion, empathy, receptiveness and deep feelings. Their emotions alternate from being as calm as the sea to being forceful like torrential rains.

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