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The Houses

The HousesSimilar to the zodiacal signs, there are 12 astrological houses. The astrological houses are significant as they describe the basic nature of a person, for example, the love life, the work life and the ways a person interacts with other people. Though there are 12 astrological houses, they do not spread equally on the zodiacal circles like the zodiacal signs. The size of the astrological house is dependent on the birth time of an individual and each house size differs with the others based on the time of birth.

To calculate what house rules your sign, input your birth details in to the tool below.

There are many methods in practice for deriving the size of 12 houses (known as The House System) on the zodiacal circle and it varies as practiced by a particular astrologer. The most ancient method is Placidus and then there are other variants like Campanus, Topocentic, Regiomontanus, Koch among others. Planets positioning in a particular house is not standard and varies as per the practice of the astrologer. Usually, a planet is placed in a house if it nears the cusp of that house. The threshold for placing the planets in a particular house varies from 1 degree to 10 degrees and is determined by the author.

At Live Psychics, the Placidus system of deriving house sizes is followed and the classical threshold of 3 degrees is practiced. Therefore, if a planet is found at less than 3 degrees of the adjacent house, it is placed in that house. In case of AS and MC, 2 degrees are applied. We allow the change in these options in certain astrological applications and one can select the Koch system or equal houses as well. If you want, you can cancel the house shifting. This shifting is not applicable in case of signs. In case of signs, the change is applied totally.

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