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Eighth House

Eighth House
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Eighth House Characteristics:

Modern Title:House of Sex
Latin Motto:Mors - Death
Ruling Sign:Scorpio
Ruling Planet:Mars
Keywords:Sex, Death, Finances, Regeneration, Self-transformation.

The Eighth House is renowned as the House of Sex. Like the Seventh House, it covers relationships, but it also covers certain aspects of those relationships, particularly their communal nature. This House focuses on the value of our relationships and how we can most benefit from them.

In the context of the Eighth House’s strong emphasis on sex, it’s worth mentioning for a moment how the French refer to orgasms as the “le petit mort,” which translates as “the little death.” This is an analogy to how when we engage in sex, we also leave a little bit of ourselves behind, which can indeed be called as a sort of little death. Of course, one can also call this a form of growth or even a new beginning. It can even be viewed as the rebirth of the soul or as an expression of love. The Eighth House is egalitarian in a certain sense, as it places death, sex and rebirth on an equal playing field, without dis-privileging or exalting any one of them. The fact is that we all have to experience certain events in our lives which can likened to death and rebirth. Failed relationships, for example, lead to new ones, while a career change closes and open new opportunities for you. These things are facts of life, and we should welcome them.

The Eighth House is also the domain of financial support, including inheritances, alimonies, taxes and insurance. It also includes spiritual, emotional and physical support, all of which are factors in any strong relationship. Having said that, these sources of support can expand and constrict our relationships, which once again, corresponds to the concepts of death and rebirth.

Rituals are also an essential part of the Eighth House. Different groups have different ways of peering into their souls, but they all involve ritual. Rituals lead to exalted states of consciousness as well as metamorphoses. They reveal to us certain insights about our lives, and help us to become more honest and responsible people. The insights that we derive from such experiences can help improve our ability to create lasting but positive legacies.

The Eighth House is aligned with Scorpio and the planets Pluto and Mars.

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