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Second House

Second House
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Second House Characteristics:

Modern Title:House of Possessions
Latin Motto:Lucrum - Wealth
Ruling Sign:Taurus
Ruling Planet:Venus
Keywords:Money. Belongings, Property, Acquisitions.

The Second House is also known as the House of Possessions. Although this naturally refers to property, it’s important to also remember that this House’s domain is not limited to tangible objects. Our feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires and aspirations are also influenced by the Second House. Whenever we own up to something, it’s important to point out that we are also laying claim to it, and this includes our sense of self.

How we use our possessions and belongings also belongs to the realm of the Second House. In this sense, a possession by itself is not particularly important. What’s important is how it enhances your life and those around you. This relationship between the subject and his or her possessions brings about the concept of value, which is another essential concept of the Second House. The objects and persons that you value as well as your reasons for valuing them plays a very significant part of the Second House.

Specific possessions which fall under the domain of the Second House include income, investments and luxury goods (e.g. vehicles, clothing, jewellery and other similar items). Debt or the possibility of debt are also essential factors in the equation behind the Second House, since what we owe to other people ultimately reduces our own assets. In short, debt, budget and financial reversals are just as important as wealth, savings and financial assets when speaking about the Second House.

Aside from personal possessions, the Second House is also about personal freedom through personal property. It is the domain of financial stability, which to a very great extent helps keep our lives stable and free from disruptions. Taking it one step further, one can also say that material goods allow us to maintain favourable social standing, recognition, fellowship and even love. Although a lot of people do not believe that wealth leads to freedom, it’s a very good tool for achieving it nonetheless. Therefore, the goal that one should take in relation to one’s own possessions is one of prudence and wisdom. If we can use our possessions wisely then they can help us become greater people, and that is certainly one of the most important benefits of having sufficient possessions and property.

The Second House is aligned with Taurus and the planet Venus.

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