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The Planets: Jupiter


Jupiter Characteristics

Meaning:Leader of the Gods
Exalted in:Cancer
Houses Ruled:Ninth House, Twelfth House
Signs Ruled:Sagittarius, Pisces
Connection:Ancient Astrology

Thinkers embody the spirit of Jupiter. It also acts as a guardian to the abstract mind ruling over both spirituality and intellectuality. It challenges the mind to be creative and come up with great ideas. Jupiter shows its authority in matters of religion and philosophy. Jupiter helps in the search for answers as well as giving direction on how far to go in the search of the truth. It governs our ethical and moral values while also presiding over our sense of optimism.

Other aspects that also fall under Jupiter include luck as well as good fortune. The planet is quite generous and always looking to provide us with avenues through which we can prosper positively. As much as Jupiter stands over us judging and setting the standards for us, it also plays a role in helping us towards achieving the goals before us. Thanks to Jupiter, success looks attainable depending on how you make use of the energy. Some people end up on a lazy path since Jupiter is also associated with weight gain. If used well, Jupiter leads us on a path to prosperity.

Jupiter has a role to play when it comes to leisure time or pastimes. Activities which involve some level of physical exertion such as games, that morning jog or taking the dog out for a stroll are all influenced by Jupiter. Jupiter brings with it wealth in terms of materials and assets. It is one of those blessings in disguise.

Being the furthest from the Sun means that Jupiter actually takes the longest time to orbit it. It takes around 12 years to complete a cycle round the zodiac. It wields masculine energy and rules over Sagittarius, Pisces, Ninth and Twelfth Houses.

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