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The Planets: Mars

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Mars Characteristics

Meaning:God of War
Exalted in:Capricorn
Houses Ruled:First House, Eighth House
Signs Ruled:Aries, Scorpio
Connection:Ancient Astrology

Mars is the planet of the Zodiac which makes you take action. Being the “Red Planet” it should be fairly fiery, and that it is. It symbolizes passion, drive and determination and commands you to stand up and be noticed. Providing you with power, confidence and driving you to get things done is what Mars is all about.

Mars dicates ambition and competition whether it is in the field of play or in a working environment. It helps us to be on our “A” game when we are faced with challenges. Mars grants you guts, aggression and braveness. Assertiveness, courage boldness and honour are all attributes which are associated with this planet.

Mars is associated with both positivity and negativity. It can be quite devastating in the same manner the God of War was in the ancient times. It can also be summoned for a good purpose like a source of ambition, achievement as well as stamina. Some of the areas that are ruled over by Mars include accidents, weapons, sexual energy and things such as surgery. It is up to an individual to decide how to use the energy from Mars. It can be good if used positively and bad if one takes a negative route.

Mars has masculine energy and it takes around two years to go around the zodiac. It rules over Aries, Scorpio and the First and Eighth houses.

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