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The Planets: Mercury


Mercury Characteristics

Meaning:Messenger God
Exalted in:Virgo
Houses Ruled:Third House, Sixth House
Signs Ruled:Gemini, Virgo
Connection:Ancient Astrology

Mercury governs the way we speak or communicate. Just like a wing messenger sent by the gods, Mercury is responsible for our reasoning, awareness and ability to use logic. This is what sets the precedence for how we articulate our thoughts.

Restlessness is an attribute associated with mercury. It is about being able to make snap decisions, thinking on your feet and ability to think rationally. It has its positives and negatives. The planet expects us to be mobile as we look to find answers while mercury helps us to think as we move. It is perceptive as well as dexterous.

Mercury is about the short trips one makes in life. That short trip to the convenience store, taking the dog for a walk, commuting to the office and going for that holiday getaway are all under Mercury. It covers transportation as well as the matters which touch on siblings.

Mercury also plays a role when it comes to writing, speaking, and online communication. Mercury empowers us to express ourselves well. It cannot be classified as masculine or feminine because it takes the gender of the sign it is in. It goes round the Sun in 88 days and is 28 degrees from the sun. Mercury rules over Virgo, Gemini, the Third and Sixth Houses.

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