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The Planets: Moon

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Moon Characteristics

Meaning:Goddess of Hunt
Exalted in:Taurus
Houses Ruled:Fourth House
Signs Ruled:Cancer
Connection:Ancient Astrology

The Moon being the closest heavenly body to the earth wields more influence compared to the other planets. Being so close to earth, it completes its journey around the zodiac in just a month.

The Moon is defined as the ruler of the tides which ties in well with being the ruler of our emotions. Our emotions are well described using fluidity. That is why we talk about a wave of emotions or still waters running deep. The Moon affects how we feel about what happens around us. The Sun defines our spirit but the Moon is really our soul.

The Moon is mother like and it represents the women in our lives and the relationship between mother and child. The Moon (also known as a luminary) interacts and communicates with the women in our lives and their role to nurture. It controls fertility, pregnancy as well as childbirth. Mothers impose themselves on our lives from the moment we are born and so does the Moon, we remember the shining glow of the Moon from our earliest memories when we were looked after by our mothers and remember her caring and sensitive touch.

Our emotions change throughout the day and the Moon exerts its influence as this happens rendering us vital one minute and weak and fragile the next. The Moon controls all types of mixed emotions, we can feel happy or sad, relaxed or uptight and may even go from fits of laughter to crying at will. As we go through this emotional roller coaster, the Moon helps us to get a grip of our emotions.

The Moon rotates around the zodiac in just 28 days spending only two and a half days over each sign. It wields feminine energy that controls the Fourth House as well as Cancer.

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