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The Planets: Neptune


Neptune Characteristics

Meaning:God of the Sea
Exalted in:Leo
Houses Ruled:Twelfth House
Signs Ruled:Pisces
Connection:Modern Astrology

Neptune is the planet the second furthest away from the sun and as such it wasn’t discovered until 1846. It has a relatively slow orbit around the zodiac which means it effects generations at a time.

The sign of Neptune is Poseidon’s trident, Poseidon being the God of the Seas. This planet tends to be variable, erratic and varying, which makes sense when you consider that Neptune rules over the oceans on Earth. All things bizarre within our thoughts and dreams are also watched over by Neptune. This planet looks after our holistic well being and makes sure that we are always looking to improve ourselves. Meditation is greatly encouraged by Neptune and we can use its energy to help us understand the world around us better. Activities like dance, poetry and music are all ways to help connect with Neptune.

On the other side of Neptune is the show off who looks after all forms of glamour and entertainment. Neptune is a talented illusionist, making things intriguing inside and out. Not satisfied with being just a show off and an illusionist, Neptune can also be quite the poser, it enjoys compliments and flattery. This planet has a slightly mysterious side that isn’t easy to find or understand. This mysterious side can be compared to and old theatre actor who can’t finish his last show.

During her down time; drugs, hypnosis, trances and alcohol all become the friends of this planet. On days when you find this darker side, escapism seems to be the biggest energy that can be found. Everything from hypochondria to delusion is ruled over by Neptune’s darker side.

A complete tour around the zodiac takes Neptune 165 years, and is in each sign for about 14 years. It has an energy that is distinctly feminine and it rules the zodiac signs of Pisces and the Twelfth House. This planet is the second transcendental planet as well as the higher octave of Venus.

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