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The Planets: Pluto


Pluto Characteristics

Meaning:God of the Underworld
Exalted in:Leo, Virgo
Houses Ruled:Eighth House
Signs Ruled:Scorpio
Connection:Modern Astrology

Pluto is the planet the furthest away from the Sun and it took until 1930 for someone to discover it.

Whilst the energy of Pluto might be discrete, the results of this planet are anything but. Transformation and change are what Pluto is all about. It might not be easy or pretty, but it will happen, ready or not. Pluto wants to shake up our lives as a whole, makes us look at things differently and become stronger thanks to all the changes.

Pluto is in charge of procreation, but on the flip side of that, it is also a destructive planet. All the dark things in the world like death, waste and disease are watched over by Pluto, as well as crimes of all description, minor and major. This planet has a major dark side to it and is sometimes described as the typical good vs. evil story wrapped up in one little planet.

Pluto is an intensely powerful planet, and normally focuses it’s energy on entire populations instead of individuals. It asks populations as a whole to look deep into their minds and focus on what is there and what they can do to help. It may seem a little scary and too deep to some people, but that is the idea of Pluto. This planet pushes buttons you didn’t know existed to make you think in ways you never have before.

A complete tour of the zodiac for Pluto takes 248 years roughly. It doesn’t have a very stable orbit and as such can spend anywhere between 12 and 31 years in just one sign. Pluto rules the zodiac signs of Scorpio and the Eight House, it is the last transcendental planet and is Mars’ higher octave.

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