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The Planets: Saturn

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Saturn Characteristics

Meaning:God of Agriculture
Exalted in:Libra
Houses Ruled:Tenth House, Eleventh House
Signs Ruled:Capricorn, Aquarius
Connection:Ancient Astrology

Saturn is the supervisor of the zodiac and as such doesn’t make anything in life easy. Saturn makes sure that we work as hard as we can, as often as we can. With this planet comes great responsibility and discipline, but don’t be afraid to take a chance and make your mark on the world as well.

Saturn reminds us about time in life. Most of you will know that the sign for Saturn within the zodiac is Chronus’ sickle, Chronus being the God of Time. Not just the physical time, but makes us check to see that all our goals are achievable within the time we have or if we need to limit them to more achievable goals. The limits we may need to impose are an important part of Saturn’s rule, and we need to learn to work within the limits.

As well as reminding us to keep an eye on our time, Saturn is also the planet of the elderly and the wisdom that comes with age. The wisdom that we learn as we grow older is a key part of Saturn’s role as a teacher. As we age, we become creatures of habit and tradition and Saturn understands this. We are praised for our drive in life and Saturn appreciates all that we’ve done to get to old age. With old age comes a seniority and authority that Saturn looks after as well.

The way we live our life, the habits we keep and the way we organize our lives are all governed by this planet. As a teacher, Saturn makes sure that we learn the lessons of karma and understand the lessons that previous experiences can teach us.

A complete orbit of the zodiac for Saturn can take anywhere between 28 and 30 years. It rules within the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Capricorn, the Tenth and Eleventh Houses and is a completely masculine energy.

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