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The Planets: The Sun

The Sun
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The Sun Characteristics

Meaning:God of Prophecy
Exalted in:Aries
Houses Ruled:Fifth House
Signs Ruled:Leo
Connection:Ancient Astrology

According to Astrology, the sun is considered to be the giver of life. It basically represents the human creative life force and the will to live.

This is based on how the planets revolve around the sun almost in a way that shows dependence. We also derive our life purpose from the sun that exists in our natal charts. The Sun acts as the adult in our lives in that it helps direct how we make our decisions. It tames the inner child and gives us our identity. The answer to “who are you?” will be given on the basis of describing your Sun. The Sun gives us our sense of direction as well as the vitality and enthusiasm with which we go through life. The Sun in our chart is basically in charge.

The happiest people on earth at the moment are those who are well aligned with their Sun’s expression. One does not just acquire the traits associated with the sun automatically. Our Sun gives us an idea of how we are meant to be or where our aspirations should be directed towards. The Sun also shows us our purpose as opposed to our instincts. The Sun represents our present while the Moon is more of our past.

According to Grant Lewi, the Sun is our dominant force. Other heavenly bodies like the Moon and the rest of the planets may play some part in terms of how you think but the Sun has the final say on what you decide to do. The planetary vibrations will help direct your energies towards the goals that the Sun dictates.

We tend to be overly bold and super creative when we are aligned with our Sun. It can also come out as arrogance, selfishness or even judgemental.

The position of the zodiac and the Sun in the chart represents how individuals leave a mark on the universe in line with their purpose in life. We get to see where our traits prosper the most when we look at the Sun’s position by house. A look at the areas covered by the house shows where an individual gets his or her sense of pride from. This is where their focus should be.

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