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The Planets: Uranus


Uranus Characteristics

Meaning:Incarnation of the Sky
Exalted in:Scorpio, Aquarius
Houses Ruled:Eleventh House
Signs Ruled:Aquarius
Connection:Modern Astrology

Until 1781, nobody even knew that Uranus existed. It is the planet third furthest away from the sun and as such, it’s movement through the zodiac tends to be quite slow. Due to it’s slow movement, any effects from Uranus tend to be felt by a whole generation rather than just by certain individuals.

The best way to deal with Uranus is with an open mind as it will make you look at things in a new light. All types of creativity and inventing as well as new technologies are watched over by Uranus. This planet doesn’t understand the term “laissez-faire” (leave well alone) and instead would prefer a world that is constantly changing and evolving. Things like science, the building blocks on which the whole of our society are based are safe from the gaze of Uranus who prefers to change the way we think and look at the world around us. This means that things like rebellion and revolution are also ruled by this planet.

The last thing you could call Uranus is sophisticated. Uranus enjoys nothing more than the bizarre and the unknown within this world. Uranus would prefer a society based on the ideas of Utopia than anything else. Keeping with this utopian ideal, Uranus protects freedom of speech and thought as well as creativity, and also keeps astrology under it’s watchful gaze. All of this means that natural disasters are also claimed by Uranus, they are unexpected, often violent, just as Uranus likes them.

A full orbit of the zodiac takes 84 years to complete. It’s is neither a masculine or feminine energy and rules over the zodiac sign of Aquarius as well as the Eleventh House. It is also thought to be the first of all the transcendental planets as well as the higher octave of Mercury.

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