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The Planets: Venus

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Venus Characteristics

Meaning:Goddess of romance
Exalted in:Pisces
Houses Ruled:Second House, Seventh House
Signs Ruled:Taurus, Libra
Connection:Ancient Astrology

Venus governs pleasure experienced with others. It comes out in areas such as relationships, love, friendship, marriages and different types of partnerships. Venus is in charge of spreading the love and cheer. You will learn how to be kind and appreciative of those around you by harnessing the power of Venus.

The Venus energy is what attracts us to others while making us attractive to them. This is what helps us to socialize and relate with the people around us. Venus is also associated with beauty and all things beautiful. This include arts, literature, drama and music. Venus helps us in our bid to understand and appreciate beauty. It is connected to grace, charm as well as refinement.

Venus also governs the satisfaction and pleasure we get from our possessions. They include things such as food, drinks, jewellery, paintings, cars and houses. It helps us to acknowledge the uniqueness of the assets. It is also sensual though this is not confined to sexuality.

Venus completes its trip round the zodiac orbit in 225 days. It is approximately 47 degrees from the sun. It is classified as feminine and rules over Libra, Taurus, Second and Seventh Houses.

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