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The Qualities

One of the first things you will notice as you start to learn more about astrology is how nature affects human characteristics. The place you are most likely to notice this is in the way that the traits within each Quality are chosen. Each Zodiac Sign belongs to a Quality, of which there are three options. These Qualities are known by the professionals as “quadruplicies”.

To calculate your astrological quality, input your birth details in to the tool below.

Within each of these qualities there are three different signs : Mutable, Cardinal and Fixed. Their placement within the four seasons is important and each Quality has it’s own role within the seasons. All of this can be hard to understand on the first attempt, so take your time to understand everything and re-read things if you need to. Eventually it will make sense, especially when you start comparing your sign with other signs within your Quality group. If you want to complete your profile as accurately as possible you should also check out the description of your rising sign, sometimes known as the ascendant. Browse the links below to find out more about each Quality.

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