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Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Symbol:The Crab
Favourite colours:White, Silver
House:Fourth House
Opposite Sign:Capricorn
Chinese Counterpart:Goat
Period:Jun 21 - Jul 22

Individuals born under the Zodiac sign Cancer are ruled over by the mysterious moon and are said to be parables. It would be accurate to classify Cancerians as people who are full of contrasts. Cancerians make for caring friends and lovers and can still be overbearing because of their fluctuating moods and jealous nature.

While exceedingly cocky on one hand, the other side can become very insecure about how people look at them. Cancerieans are represented by the symbol of a crab and just like a crab, they look hard and tough on the outside but are very sensitive on the inside. Those who are charged with loving a moon child know all too well that there is a soft and sensitive spot deep inside that makes them unique.

Cancers move from one phase to another as they go through life. Just the same way the moon does. There is never a stagnant moment in the life of a Cancerian. People under this Zodiac sign live a life full of emotions. Their unmistakable link to the moon makes them bad candidates for a static life. A yo-yo adequately describes the life of a Cancer. They feel this way one minute and that way the next. It is this unique trait that makes them so charming.

The only thing that matters most to a Cancerian is romance and love. That said, a fat bank account also carries enormous importance. They are said to be the most romantic and are affected the worst when love turns bad. Since they are also versatile, they make for stimulating, fascinating and mysterious company and area almost always alluring. Cancers are magical and once they have cast their spell on you, you will be tempted to make them your close companion.

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