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Zodiac Sign: Capricorn



Symbol:The Goat
Favourite colours:Brown
House:Tenth House
Opposite Sign:Cancer
Chinese Counterpart:Ox
Period:Dec 22 - Jan 19

Capricorns may be classified into 2 types – the mountain goat and the garden goat. The first group never settle for less. As much as they can, they never stop achieving until they reach their goals. The other group are somehow the opposite of the first. They are not really keen on achieving what they want in life, unless they are pushed to do so. They go for adventure and spend less time thinking about their ambition in life. Patience and perseverance are common for both the mountain and garden goats. When they set their eyes on their goals, they do not mind if the first step is very difficult to take.

Capricorns are always encouraged to maintain work – play balance because of their tendency to focus more on either work or play. They are always commended for performing tasks well and ahead of time, even if the task is something new to them. Nothing can stop them from moving further and farther even if there are obstacles along the way.

Astrologers describe them as cautious and conservative. However, they do not mind opting for unconventional methods in achieving their business or love goals. As romantic partners, Capricorns go for long term relationships. They will never choose a partner who will neglect their needs and wants. When in a new romantic relationship, they tend to be very cautious. Once they feel comfortable and secure with their partner, they start to reveal their inner selves. In friendships, they are the shoulders to cry on.

Just like Saturn, Capricorns value ambition, organization and practicality. They tend to become too engrossed with work but they will never described as dull people. Their unique sense of humour is very much appreciated. There are factors that motivate them to move forward in life – love, status, money, authority and success.

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