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Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Symbol:The Twins
Favourite colours:Green
House:Third House
Opposite Sign:Sagittarius
Chinese Counterpart:Horse
Period:May 21 - Jun 20

According to classical Greek mythology, Gemini is aligned with Mercury, the messenger of the gods who went from one end of the universe to the other in order to deliver news. Given such origins, those who are born under the sign of Gemini are typically considered on the move, thirsty for new experiences and challenges. Constantly curious and occasionally mischievous, Geminis are eclectic souls who enjoy knowing a little bit of something about everything. From their perspective, variety is the most important thing in life.

According to Astrology, Geminis enjoy talking, and those who aren’t very good at making speeches tend to be very good writers. Most Geminis are also very likely to learn multiple languages throughout their lifetime. In relationships, Geminis tend to favour people who can mentally and physically satisfy their unique tastes. Finding a good relationship is also not a difficult thing for Geminis to do, because they tend to be the focus of attention. Along with Scorpio and Virgo, Gemini is the sign that is most often the subject of discussion and gossip.

The popularity of Geminis is rather unsurprising, considering the colourful lives that they’re prone lead. They can also appear mysterious and detached from most peoples concerns. This is why they are often misunderstood or unappreciated by others.

Geminis often have multidimensional talents, but they have many flaws as well. In finances, for example, Geminis are very good at making money, but they are also very bad when it comes to balancing their checkbook. Most Geminis also enjoy adventure and any activity which involves out-thinking other people.

Unfortunately, this personality can also lead to gambling addictions and financial mismanagement. A lot of Geminis end up with broken relationships thanks to financial problems as well as their eclectic nature. Despite these problems though, being a Gemini is certainly exciting and if they can just develop a certain level of self-control then they are sure to lead fruitful and exciting lives.

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