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Zodiac Sign: Leo


Symbol:The Lion
Favourite colours:Gold, Orange
House:Fifth House
Opposite Sign:Aquarius
Chinese Counterpart:Monkey
Period:Jul 23 - Aug 22

If there was ever a sign that can be said to be synonymous with love, it has got to be a Leo. Leo’s are ruled by the heart and look at life from this point of view as well. They are born lucky and they carry themselves with charisma. They also put forward a positive attitude and because of this they attract people of the same personality. Opportunities also feature in their lives. They always wade through tumultuous times in their lives with a good sense of humor.

When a lion shows commitment to a relationship, they are trustworthy, faithful and loyal. In the unfortunate event of having their heart broken, they never forgive and neither do they forget. The end of a relationship (even one that has been in existence for a long time) causes them to disappear to worlds unknown. They can severe ties and leave people around them heartbroken. Most of the times, there is a very good reason for such actions. When a relationship is over for a Leo, it really is over!

The soul evolution levels of Leo’s are represented by Sphinx, The King of the Jungle Lion and The Cub Lion. The sphinx represents someone is wise above their normal years, The King of the Jungle represents a person who has an ego and who is over-protective over his or her loved one’s and then Cub Lion represents the part that is not fully developed which is also scared of any new thing.

Regardless of which level a Leo is at, one thing is for sure. They are adventurous pacesetters who take the lead quite naturally. Their weakest trait is pride. Be careful though. Attempts to criticize a Leo may cause the door to be slammed shut right in front of your face.

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