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Zodiac Sign: Libra


Symbol:The Scales
Favourite colours:Blue
House:Seventh House
Opposite Sign:Aries
Chinese Counterpart:Dog
Period:Sep 23 - Oct 22

It is the dream of every Libran to find a perfect price or princess to match them. As they go through life, their experiences, accomplishments, broken hearts, disillusions, dramas, you name it- shape their future. Finding love and losing it also makes a huge difference in the life of a Libra. You can never tell that it this important to them from their happy go lucky look that they have on them all of the time.

Often, Libran’s go into a cocoon and during such times, a lot goes on in their inner psyche. So much that even their closest friend cannot tell. Once a Libran knows that the life they are living now is of a lower standard than the dreams they had, they take measures to create an independent life. They also try to keep up with the image that says they are dedicated to that course. In essence, they role play and this trait makes them good business people.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Librans can be hard to penetrate. The same cannot be said when it comes to business. They can become creative and this allows them to show all the diverse natures of their personality. Their charm help them to win jobs and also makes them have powerful and influential friends. In both situations of work and play, Librans tend to say ‘yes’ when what they are really saying is ‘no.’

It’s ironic that Libran’s are focused in finding the perfect prince or princess and yet it is said that they would succeed way more if they went it alone. Librans who go solo often find themselves living in an exotic location, running their own successful business there, looking good and living their dream. What a Libra should remember when all is said and done is that they should never belittle the dream they have and they should work tirelessly towards making that dream come true – not just sit back and take what is always on offer.

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