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Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Symbol:The Fish
Favourite colours:Sea-Green
Gemstone:Moon Stone
Planet:Neptune, Jupiter
House:Twelfth House
Opposite Sign:Virgo
Chinese Counterpart:Rabbit
Period:Feb 19 - Mar 20

Piscean’s often have an aura of mystery surrounding them and have the ability to lure people into their environment. Much as they are multi-gifted, they spend most of their time dealing with conflicting situations.

Pisces is signified by an image of two fish. One fish faces the upward position and the other pulls downward. This imagery reflects the real nature of a Piscean. It shows how they go through life torn between two paths and how they have they have the tendency to live to separate lives almost simultaneously.

Number 2 is the most powerful number for a Piscean. This Zodiac sign is well known as being a Sinner and Saint all in one person. They are pacesetters in art and fashion and often take the lead in philosophy, psychiatry and in creating a vision. To give credit where its due, they are very resilient and can adapt to any situation with considerable ease. They naturally take on leading positions in many fields and you are likely to find them among the crème de la crème of society. On the flip side, you are also just as likely to find numerous numbers of Pisceans in reform schools, jails and other behavioural forming institutions.

A Piscean’s need to quench their ivory tower thirst can often thrust them into less than normal living situations. It is only people with this sign who end up living in muddles for a long time of their lives. They also fantasize a lot. They fantasize about people and situations (especially romantic ones). Living in this fantasy land often leads to them falling short in other areas of life. Being that they are almost always holed up in a fantasy world, they do not perceive much of what is going on around them. That means that they only see life from their own point of view. It is for this reason that this sign is associated with dissatisfaction. Stay warned. The emotions of a Piscean are often their weakest spot.

For a Piscean, when a romance is going well. they are up there in the heaves. When the romance turns sour, a Piscean also comes crumbling down. Pisces also take a lot of time out when life has been too hard on them. They are the most sensitive of all Zodiac signs and knowing this you need to pay special attention to yourself. As a pure psychic, a Pisces is a visionary who leads others so you use this to conquer any feelings of confusion, depression and dissatisfaction that you may be feeling.

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