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Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Symbol:The Archer
Favourite colours:Purple
House:Ninth House
Opposite Sign:Gemini
Chinese Counterpart:Rat
Period:Nov 22 - Dec 21

The planet Jupiter rules this zodiac sign. Those born under the Sagittarius sign are very energetic and adventurous. They are also optimistic, believing that everything is possible as long as they set their eyes on something. They are also focused on whatever it is that their heart’s desire, whether it is a romantic love, a job or anything under the sun.

Their free spirit nature makes it difficult for those around Sagittarians to tie them down. They are not afraid to try new ideas and cultures. The ideal jobs for them are those that will require them to travel. As romantic partners, they do not want to be boxed in a relationship, unless they meet that special someone who can understand their nature and will not try to change them. In any relationship, they are very independent.

Just like Jupiter, Sagittarians have their own philosophy about life and makes them more advanced in intellectual and spiritual aspects compared to the other zodiac signs. With this, they are tactless most of the time. This is probably because they value freedom more than anything else. They feel that they are free to express their ideas and thoughts.

The astrological symbol of those born under this sign is The Archer who is known for its target shooting prowess. Just like this symbol, Sagittarians are admired by other people because they have the inherent ability to focus on their target, aim for it, hit it and eventually, make a fortune out of it. They do not hesitate to share the fortune that they seek to the people that they love so much. It is no wonder people are drawn to them because of their big and generous heart.

The greatest strength of a Sagittarian is they are curious, wide-open books and extremely philosophical. A Sagittarian will always be on the hunt for new knowledge and are masters at uncovering the truth. Sagittarians are optimistic and generous spirited which makes them a very easy sign to be around.

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