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Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Symbol:The Scorpion
Favourite colours:Dark Reds
Planet:Mars, Pluto
House:Eighth House
Opposite Sign:Taurus
Chinese Counterpart:Pig
Period:Oct 23 - Nov 21

Intensity and power – these are the 2 words that are often associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio. People born under this sign have unfathomable emotions and deep – seated sensitivity which the people around them find difficult to deal with. Their wisdom is beyond their age. In fact, they even seem to know the answers to a lot of questions, except for what will make them truly happy.

Scorpios are secretive by nature. There are people who have lived with Scorpios for a long time but were not able to completely know them. One may look into a Scorpio’s eyes but will never be able to fathom what is behind those eyes. Scorpios tend to hide diverse emotions behind the mask they wear. Hiding their emotions is like a calm before the storm.

Scorpios are not conventional in a sense that they do things – walk, work and love – differently. Even the way they think is not like the rest. Their “Yes” could mean “No”, or vice versa. As romantic partners, they are faithful to their other half. But once their partners cheat on them, forgetting and forgetting will be far – fetched.

Astrologers believe that the souls of Scorpios may evolve in 3 levels – the Scorpio, the Eagle and the Phoenix Resurrected. The Scorpio has not fully evolved and tends to utilize their strengths wrongly. Those with criminal tendencies belong to this level. On the other hand, Scorpios who are entrepreneurs and achievers belong the Eagle level. They have overcome all obstacles that have come their way. They never let bad things overwhelm them. Instead, they try their best to turn tides in their favor. The Phoenix Resurrected is the highest level. Scorpios who have reached this level tend to isolate themselves and possess great power. They are born leaders and have the ability to inspire other people. In most cases, a Scorpio may go through all the levels in his lifetime but may necessarily be in any order.

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