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Zodiac Sign: Taurus



Symbol:The Bull
Favourite colours:Pink
House:Second House
Opposite Sign:Scorpio
Chinese Counterpart:Snake
Period:Apr 20 - May 20

People who are born under the sign of Taurus tend to have cool and calm personalities. They also have the tendency of staying aloof from the crowd, despite having the reputation of being good at socializing. They will allow people to get close, but only as close as they want them to be.

Taureans are also known to be tenacious and hardheaded. They won’t budge once they’ve made up their minds and making them change it is largely futile. People born under the sign of Taurus also tend to have deeper emotions than most people would give them credit for. They hide their true feelings and thoughts beneath a veneer of day-to-day activity, which is why Taureans are often considered snobby or even sulky by their colleagues.

People who are born under the sign of Taurus can operate very well on their unique type of auto pilot. Whenever they “switch off” they do so in order to refocus their thoughts and emotions so as to better cope with external pressures.

Most Taureans aren’t very responsive to change or disruptions because it forces them into confrontations and removes them from their auto-pilot mode. Given their distaste for the unexpected, Taureans have a tendency to plan ahead rather than leave things to fate.

With regards to relationships, Taureans are surprisingly sensual people. Because Taurus is aligned with the element of earth, most Taureans have no trouble coping with the physical senses. They also tend to respond well to pleasures associated with sight, sound, taste and touch. This love for sensation is not confined to relationships though. Taureans also enjoy nature, pets and most things associated with the earth.

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