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Zodiac Sign: Virgo



Symbol:The Virgin
Favourite colours:Green, Brown
House:Sixth House
Opposite Sign:Pisces
Chinese Counterpart:Rooster
Period:Aug 23 - Sep 22

Astrologers often refer to Virgo’s are people who are narrow minded and fussy. When a Virgo shines out into the open, there is nothing out there that can match the light they emit. A Virgo who is balanced is a joy to be around. Virgo’s who are confident with who they are are successful, creative and structured in all they do.

Although the Virgo sun sign is represented by the Virgin, this should not be take literally. Virgos rather take on some of the qualities of the Virgin, qualities like modesty and humanity. Outsiders may consider that Virgo’s seem repressed, but many Virgos would argue that it’s simply a noble quality other than a negative one.

Most Virgo’s live their lives serving others and you can find them in most service industries. When it comes to matters of the heart, Virgo’s continue to have faith in people even when they have been through the worst of heartbreaks. Cynicism is just not in them. They are kind hearted souls who often get taken advantage of and it is probably the reason why they end up being the mistreated victim in power games played in relationships.

Virgo’s are naturally creative and sensitive. They are rare to find and they make ideal mates when you are facing a hard time in your life or when you need clear advice. People under this Zodiac sign tend to understand human weaknesses more than others and are reflective and deep, even about themselves. If you have a Virgo in your life, you can be sure that they will invest time and effort towards making you successful and happy and keeping it that way.

The greatest strength of a Virgo is their sharp mind, practicality and attention to detail. These qualities mixed with their willingness to server make a Virgo the perfect helpmate.

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