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Chinese Element: Earth


Earth Characteristics:

Primal Spirit:Yellow Dragon
SeasonLate Summer
Phase:Yin/Yang Balance
Energy Quality:Stabilizing
Positive Emotion:Empathy
Negative Emotion:Anxiety
Male Zodiac:Dragon, Dog
Female Zodiac:Ox, Goat

Patience and reliability are virtues to be found in people born under the Earth Element. They are dutiful and have ambition while at the same time idealistic. They are known to apply logic and methodology in their problem solving. They take their intuition very seriously and are very talented. Earth Elements show a great level of discipline and have high ethical standards. For this reason, they use themselves as the yard stick for judging the rest.

They are resourceful and can carry out planning administrative duties with great efficiency. They also have great wisdom in dealing with matters of finance. People born under this Element are steady and reliable, two qualities which do well to impress their associates. They are good at hiding emotions. They enjoy being of great importance as well as being shown affection. Perhaps members of this element need a bit more adventure in their lives. They especially enjoy admiration and respect from their peers.

Earth is known for rigidity which at times may be seen as stubbornness. Earth signs may appear as control freaks and self-centred. They are known to be doubtful, sometimes even of themselves and have a healthy fear of uncertainties.

Earth symbolizes the centre. It is where the seasons change. Yellow is its trademark colour and it has a close association with the digestive tract more specifically the stomach and spleen. The Element of Earth will do well to stick to dry areas.

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