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Chinese Element: Fire

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Fire Characteristics:

Primal Spirit:Vermilion Bird
Phase:Full Yang
Energy Quality:Expansive
Positive Emotion:Joy
Negative Emotion:Hate
Male Zodiac:Horse
Female Zodiac:Snake

The Element of Fire is an adventure-seeking Element, Fire signs are always looking for excitement. They have great leadership skills and their personalities are full of dynamism. Competition is in-born for people born under this element which may sometimes result in restlessness. They have a high affinity for other people and they hate being secluded. Fire signs love being close with those who are important to them, and they exude confidence.

Fire Sign’s are highly experimental with a strong liking for new things and new experiences. They are full of drama and good at making decisions. Their brilliance cannot go unmentioned and they are go-getters, stopping at nothing to get exactly what they want. They have great oratory skills. They are sharp and are not afraid to show this to everyone who is watching. People born under this Element need to learn patience and be more compassionate.

Fire sign’s are at times self-centred, and do not have patience with anything that stands in the way of their ambitions. The harder they try to force things into being, the more the problems they encounter along the way.

The Fire Element is in the South and is associated with the Summer. Red is its colour and it is closely linked to the heart and the circulatory system. Fire-born people are well advised to avoid excessive emotions and excessive heat.

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