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Chinese Element: Metal

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Metal Characteristics:

Primal Spirit:White Tiger
Phase:New Yin
Energy Quality:Contracting
Positive Emotion:Courage
Negative Emotion:Grief
Male Zodiac:Monkey
Female Zodiac:Hen

Self-reliance and tenacity is typical of people born under the Metal element. Metal signs enjoy having a good time and are respectful and compassionate about others and their feelings. Metal-born people are introverts, but do not hesitate to show their claws if they are provoked. Old is gold for Metal signs. They value cleanliness and a good sense of balance in their environment.

Metal people ooze confidence and determination. Once they are sure of what they want, they go after it without reservation, or sometimes thinking. They do not fear problematic situations as they are naturally good at problem solving. Metal signs enjoy being alone, especially when they want the credit for doing something. Inner-character strength and appreciation of virtues is no secret about people born under this element.

Metal signs sometimes act impulsively and enjoy luxury as well as being powerful, which is provided by their gifts and money. They are not always reasonable and can be extremely persistent at times. Metal signs are bossy especially when in authority and they anticipate that everyone else will live up to their expectations.

The Metal element is in the West and is linked to autumn. White is its colour and the lungs and respiratory system is its place in the body.

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