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Chinese Element: Water

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Water Characteristics:

Primal Spirit:Black Tortoise
Organ:Kidney, Bladder
Phase:Full Yin
Energy Quality:Conserving
Positive Emotion:Calmness
Negative Emotion:Fear
Male Zodiac:Rat
Female Zodiac:Pig

Charm and compassion are part and parcel of the Water element. Their flexibility helps them to adapt easily to different situations. Water people are known for creativity and intelligence, and have a wild imagination which they put to good use. They are great at philosophy and insightful thinking. Many at times, will freelance between jobs.

Water signs have people-skills that are commendable and they can persuade people to do as they please in a rather subtle manner. Diplomacy and communication comes naturally to them and their intuition can fix issues that others may not fix easily. Their organizational skills are great and they do not fear delegating duties. Water is good at spotting other people’s gifts and appreciating them for the same.

People born under the Water Element can keep secrets and can deceive others with much ease. They can be greatly manipulative and always look for an easy way out of a situation. They can however, be too passive which leaves them at the mercy of others. It would do Water-born people good to learn to be steadfast and assertive. They are best advised to avoid heavy water regions.

Water is in the North and is tied to winter. Black is its colour and it is linked with the skeleton, lungs and the urinary system.

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