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Chinese Element: Wood

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Wood Characteristics:

Primal Spirit:Azure Dragon
Phase:New Yang
Energy Quality:Generative
Positive Emotion:Patience
Negative Emotion:Anger
Male Zodiac:Tiger
Female Zodiac:Rabbit

Generosity comes naturally for people born under the Wood element. They value their ethical code of conduct and are explorers in every matter of the word. They have a high convincing power and often apply artistry in all their undertakings. Wood signs show due diligence and commitment to their work and do not like being idle. For them, work is good for an individual, it keeps the body active and the mind constantly moving, this is a strict life rule for most people born under the Wood sign.

Wood signs are brimming with confidence and they appreciate what they have. They are also careful not to covet what they cannot have. Their interests are diverse and they show great loyalty to their peers and those they hold close. Wood-born people are never selfish and they enjoy working in a team, showing a lot of compassion for others around them.

Wood signs are known for their love for spending and often bite off a lot more than they can chew. people born under this element need to know how far is too far and not to push the boundaries. By doing this, they can become pests to others. Their passive nature makes it easy to lose themselves among people. They are best advised to keep away from areas with prevailing strong winds.

Wood is in the East and is tied to spring. Green is its colour and it is linked to the gall bladder and the liver in the body.

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