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Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox

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Ox Characteristics:

Sign Order:Second
Colour:Forest Green
Lucky Number:1
Friends:Rooster, Snake
Associated Sun Sign:Capricorn

Don’t be mistaken, the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac is no bull in a china shop. Instead it is steadfast and solid and Ox Signs’ are generally powerful born leaders. The Ox is extremely dependable and when it puts it mind to it can be an achiever of great things. Oxen tend to be very methodical and plod along slowly every step of the way, they approach projects in a step-by-step manner and will never lose sign of their final goal. Oxen work hard and will endeavour to do things correctly in the first instance.

Outsiders may perceive Oxen as being way too serious and incapable of relaxing. This comes across a lot more in crowded social situations where the Ox will become introverted. To make things worse, Ox signs generally can’t be bothered with what other people think of them and they will only do what makes them feel best. But, behind that calm exterior and self-assured attitude, lives an Ox who can feel hurt, lonely, vulnerable and unable to connect with the outside world. Even friends and family don’t always understand how the Oxen’s mind works, even though, at times they are the beasts greatest source of comfort. As a friend, family member or a lover, the Ox makes a strong, protective and reliable companion.

In working or real world situations, the Ox has stubborn tendencies, they can be dogmatic, my-way-or-the-highway kind of people who will never back down when it comes to a disagreement. Oxen do not enjoy being pushed or challenged, especially since they are one of the good signs of the Chinese Zodiac. If you need, honest and reliable advice you should call on the Ox. With their smart, trustworthy and honourable qualities you can be assured to receive some sound advice and moral support.

A valuable life lesson for Ox signs is to try and overcome their judgemental nature that stops them connecting and getting close to others. If they can adjust to appreciate their own good qualities, they will have more room in their hearts to draw others in.

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