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Life Path Number: 8


If your Life Path number is 8, the pursuit of wealth and status will be very important to you. People who have 8 as their number tend to become very successful people. They can achieve a great deal in life, thanks to having high levels of confidence and a powerful personality. Material possessions are very important to you which could make you appear shallow to others.

Running your own business is something you should seriously consider, if you’re not already doing it, because of your strengths. You’re very independent and working for other people is not a good idea; you can’t stifle your personality by answering to someone else. You’re very competitive and practical; running your own business is something that will come naturally to you. You have the ability to conceive great plans, and the tenacity to follow them through.

With relationships, a number 8 must surround themselves with people who understand their nature. As an 8 you certainly don’t have time for dreaming; you prefer to live in the here and now. You have control over the here and now and this is the time when you can accrue the wealth that you crave. Family and friends can often end up taking a back seat as you pursue your goals. You must be aware that you need to take time for the people who are closest to you; this is important for your long-term happiness.

You have the potential to become a huge success but you must learn a little humility along the way. You have a very powerful personality and this can make you manipulative, something that you should aware of as people could end up with a very negative attitude towards you.

You must get the right balance between success in your work life and happiness in your private life. You need to find activities outside of your work life that allow you to release all of your pent-up energy.

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