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Life Path Number: 11


The Life Path number of 11 is very important. It is the Master Vibration number and it is associated with spiritual awareness. You will be on a higher spiritual level than other people and you will have a ‘sixth sense’.

If you’re a number 11 then you’ll be an interesting individual with much to offer to everyone who is close to you. You’re idealistic, intuitive, and a visionary. It’s quite normal for a number 11 to have an interest in life’s mysteries, especially conspiracy theories.

You will have excellent communication skills, and you’re a good listener – thanks to having a genuine interest in people. Making friends comes easily to you, although they will need to understand your personality.

You are highly charged and you possess great abilities, but indulge in much self-reflection and self-criticism. You often feel very self-conscious. You are aware on some level that you stand out from others. Even when you try to blend in with your environment, you often feel conspicuous and out-of-place. True friends will accept you for all of your idiosyncrasies.

You will always set yourself high standards and because of this you will expect the same from others. At times this will make you difficult to deal with. Someone who is a Life Path number 11 is extremely ambitious, although they could take many years to become successful. Real success does not usually begin until maturity, between the ages of 35 and 45, when you have progressed further along your path.

Keywords for someone who is a number 11: spiritual, social, conscious, dreamer, intuitive, illuminative, artistic, and idealistic.

You can suffer from a nervous disposition which will make you worry far too much about small things. Mood swings could also be a problem. A perfect way for you to get rid of nervous energy is to exercise and play sport. You may have an artistic side to you – if so, allow it to flourish and get rid of stress.

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