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Life Path Number: 4

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If your Life Path number is 4, you’re someone that has great inner strength and a profound sense of reality. You’re certainly a person who doesn’t live with their head in the clouds. You have the potential to be a cornerstone of society, thanks to your sense of dedication, standards of excellence, and your work ethic.

People with a Life Path number of 4 are normally very down-to-earth and trustworthy. You’re a very practical person; anything that requires organisation and planning will be something that you not only enjoy, you’ll excel at it. When a 4 sets their mind to a task, it will always get finished.

As a number 4 you are a person blessed with great willpower and tenacity. You’re a great believer in your own abilities which might make others slightly wary around you. You can be appear to be obsessive and very stubborn at times.

You will make an excellent business partner but making friends will be more difficult. The friendships that you will form with others will be very fulfilling and lasting. Friends will always know that they can depend on you.

One thing you must remember, don’t become too focused on small details as you can often be guilty of this. Try to focus all your energy in equal measures, this way you won’t miss any opportunities.

Self employment could be the right career path for a number 4. Taking orders is not for you; you’ll never be able to carry out orders from another person with enough dedication. Head strong and set in their ways, a number 4 can have difficulty if they don’t agree with their superiors.

Due to your authoritative, often arrogant approach to almost everything you do, challenges can develop. You will often repress your emotions, which will not only cause problems to your health, you will have misunderstandings with others.

Because of your down-to-earth personality you’ll have no time for superficial people. You’ll also sometimes lack the required tact needed for most social occasions. Remember that not everyone has the same high standards as yourself, learn to accept others for their ‘supposed’ faults.

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