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Life Path Number: 9

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Life Path number 9 is the philosophical number. It’s likely that you’re an extremely compassionate person who has no interest in material possessions. You may have thoughts about living a life free of all material goods, and an ideal partner must share your beliefs.

You are a very trustworthy person and honourable, meaning you’ll always make a good friend. Someone who is a number 9 feels deeply for people less fortunate than themselves. You have absolutely no prejudice and you would help everyone if you could. You dream of a perfect world where everything is equal.

Because you are a number 9, you have an artistic side and you could have potential as a writer. Allow your artistic side to flourish as this will help with your emotional well-being. Socialising is very important for you, and quite easy thanks to people enjoying your company. If you have a career where your emotions go through the mill, laughter in your private time is very important.

Through your life you will be very compassionate and generous towards fellow humans. This won’t always be easy as you will sacrifice a lot in your own life. Putting others first will leave you feeling drained. Because of this you will often ask yourself if you are doing the right thing. When you have low moments, creative expression will help you to feel better.

Throughout your life people will sometimes let you down and leave you feeling as if you’re being used. Your general nature will sometimes attract the wrong people. You’ll have to learn to safeguard yourself from these people.

An ideal partner is someone who’ll give you the emotional support that you will need – someone who won’t take your kindness and unconditional love for granted.

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