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Life Path Number: 1


If your Life Path number is 1, you are an individual who is independent. Although you are good around others, you tend to achieve more when on your own. You certainly crave personal fulfilment.

Keywords that are able to describe someone with the Life Path number of 1: independent, individualistic, fulfilment, confident, ambitious, athletic and powerful.

Independence is something that is very important to a person with a Life Path number of 1. Standing on your own two feet will define you as a person. People will always admire your ability to get things done without the help of others. You must allow your uniqueness to flourish as living a life where you are dependent on others will have a negative effect on your well-being. Do what you love and grow as a person. Give yourself projects and watch how easily you can complete them.

People who are the number 1 can struggle for many years because although they will be confident (maybe too confident) in some areas they might not know how to channel it in the right direction. A follower you’ll never be, although if you allow yourself to be a follower, you’ll cause yourself much pain. Whether it happens quickly or over time, independence must be your top priority.

With complete freedom comes the potential for leadership. Being a Life Path number 1 means you have the ability to be a great leader.

As a number 1 you’re most certainly confident. You may be in a position where you believe that you’re lacking in confidence, but that is wrong. You must believe in yourself, you must learn to trust your abilities.

As an individual you will have many brilliant ideas. Don’t allow others to beat your ideas down. Don’t allow others to fill you with doubt.

As a number 1, you will have incredible athleticism and power. Not only will this allow you to have a healthy body, much healthier than most people, you will also be someone that people look up to. Many people who are a number 1 tend to be tall, whether male or female, which immediately gives you an advantage over others. Use your great physical presence to your advantage.

Of course there are disadvantages to being a Life Path number 1. You will be self-centred, although this is expected when you are such an individual. You may be selfish, and you could have a sense of superiority over others. A number 1 can tend to be over-confident in certain areas, as well as impatient. Sadly these are qualities that go with someone who is independent and individualistic.

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