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Life Path Number: 7


Do you have a Life Path number of 7? If so, you’re a deep thinker with an incredible ability to soak up knowledge. You have a love for books and you should definitely get yourself away from the television and into your local library.

Your deep thinking and soul searching might cause you stress from time to time, as you think about the world and everything in it, and you wonder why everything is so unfair. You’re very compassionate and caring and you will always be a great friend. As a number 7, you tend to choose your friends carefully, but the friends you do choose will be friends for life. You’re kind and compassionate and that will always draw people towards you. Thankfully you have the ability to suss out the ‘friends’ who’ll take advantage of you. You’re also someone who doesn’t suffer fools. You will naturally seek out people who share your passions and beliefs.

As a 7, you must have time by yourself as you’re someone who thrives on their own thoughts and dreams.

Some people might see you as aloof, due mainly to your habit of choosing friends carefully, but also because of your need for ‘you’ time. This is hard for your friends and acquaintances as you have a personality that attracts many potential friends.

You tend to have a sensitive nature, which leads to insecurity. Sometimes you will feel lonely and because of this you can suffer mood swings.

The key to a successful and happy life surrounds learning. You have an ability to learn and process knowledge in whatever form it comes.

You will face a lot more challenges than the average person due to your lack of confidence. Security is something that you crave, so this is a quality that you should look for in a potential partner. You need emotional stability and this is something you should also look for in a partner.

You must be prepared to go out into the world and learn as much as you can; if you don’t you will become very withdrawn and negative towards the world.

As a number 7 you have so much to give to the world, so face all of your fears and take whatever the world can throw at you. If you’re not prepared to do that then what is the purpose of living. Remember that you only have one life.

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