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Life Path Number: 33


The Life Path number of 33 is very rare. The number not only signifies spirituality, it also signifies responsibility and nurturing. Number 33 is the Master Teacher. Whoever has 33 as their Life Path number will have no interest in gaining personal wealth and material possessions.

If you have this number then your life will be dedicated to helping others. You have a love for all of mankind and you will thrive by living a life of selflessness. Your energy levels will always be at their highest when you are doing good for others less fortunate than yourself. The Life Path number of 33, also incorporates the number 6; because of this you have the potential to be a great leader and have a life of much responsibility.

You will want to use your life to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible. You’ll want to make people aware of the world in which they live. At times you may struggle with having so much weight on your shoulders, but you’ll have to make peace with that.

As a number 33 you will achieve greatness through acts of compassion, tenderness, and kindness that will better the lives of many people. This doesn’t mean that you are destined to become the next Pope, although this could happen to a number 33. You may become an important peace campaigner, charity worker, aid worker, or even a ground-breaking teacher.

You have the vision and ability to achieve whatever you want in life, so long as you choose the right path. Material possessions will only make you feel unfulfilled. As you’re a number 33 which much qualities taken from a 6, you’re someone who can be a great leader, but also someone who will not make a good follower.

You have the potential to become a highly skilled cook thanks to your vision and organisational skills. This is a great way for you to relax. Cooking for others will make you happy, but real joy will be when you cook for yourself. It’s a good job that as a 33 you have a good appetite!

Throughout your life you will always come up with ideas that others think are a little crazy. Be confident in your beliefs, follow your instincts and people will believe in you. You have the ability to make the world a better place.

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