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Life Path Number: 3

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Do you have the Life Path number of 3? If so, you are someone who must be allowed to express yourself. You have a wonderfully creative side, and you’ll either know that already, or you are definitely an artist in the making. You have the potential to make a career from the arts, such as interior decorating. You should look into as many creative avenues as possible as there are so many to choose from: painting, music, drama, writing, and crafts.

Because of your creative side you will be very good at holding a conversation. You have what they call ‘the gift of the gab’, and you have the ability to talk your way out of the stickiest of sticky situations.

People who are Life Path number 3 must surround themselves with outgoing people who have similar interests. You are warm and friendly without any pretensions whatsoever – when you show an interest in someone, the right people will know that you’re 100% genuine.

You’re definitely the host with the most. If you host a party then you’ll have people desperate to attend. People will always want to be around you as not only are you a natural conversationalist, you’re warm, friendly, and a real charmer.

The good thing about being a number 3, you very rarely feel down. It’s not often that you feel depressed and that makes you a lucky person. You always seem to look at life through rose tinted spectacles. Setbacks are just a part of life and they’ll never bring you down. Your outlook on life will allow you to achieve in life.

As a number 3, you must find your path in life and follow it right until the end. Use your creative talents to their fullest, find the area in which you excel the most and thrive. Forget what other people like, do what you like. Do what makes you happy. This won’t be an easy path, but it will be rewarding.

Be aware though.. because of your love of people, the world and everything in it, problems can arise. A number 3 can lack foresight. There may be times when you crash. Everything that goes up must come down, it is normal for someone who is so effervescent to lose their fizz every now and then. There will be times when you will have a desire to spend serious amounts of money, without any care for the consequences.

You’re not someone who suffers with depression, but you’re someone who needs a partner who is able to balance you out as a person. Find a partner who can allow you the freedom you need, but also give you the normality and discipline that you need.

You could have a tendency to get bored very easily, which could you leave you with many unfinished projects. Why cause yourself this stress?

Thank your lucky stars that you’re a number 3. Love your creative side and embrace your ability to make people love you. Just try and focus on making your life partner a little more rooted in reality!

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